RRDC members at 2015 Rolex 24 At Daytona dinner

RRDC members at 2015 Rolex 24 At Daytona dinner. Brian Cleary photo.

Membership Categories

  • Regular Members – Racing drivers who have participated successfully in major professional events, i.e. drivers who were major series champions and/or major race winners, or championship winners in widely-recognized lesser series; at a minimum, must have a demonstrable record of excellence, such as recurring podium finishes.
  • Associate Members – Racing drivers who have participated successfully in major professional events, but not at the championship level, or who have participated successfully mainly in lesser and/or historic events, or those who have significant ties to racing, such as corporate, sponsorship, mentoring, patronage and promotion of the sport generally.
  • Honorary Members – Distinguished senior international motorsports champions, team owners and those others who have demonstrated a passionate, life-long commitment in support of racing through active volunteerism, officiating and/or promotion of the sport generally. Honorary Members shall have full Club privileges, including the right to vote, but shall not be required to pay Club dues or assessments.

Current Members List (click on a member’s name for more info)

Members in Memoriam

Warren Agor
Robert M. Akin, III
Gaston Andrey
William E. Anspach
Frank Baptista
Damon J. Barnett, II
John Gordon Benett
John M. Bishop
Frank Walton Bohren
W. Russell Boss
C. T. (“Ted”) Boynton
Sir Jack Brabham
J. Robert “Bob” Bucher
Ronald Bucknum
Harry Carter
Paul Ceresole
Luigi Chinetti
Miles Collier
Peter Collins
George Constantine
George L. Couzens
Edward W. Crawford
Jerry Crawford
Jack Crusoe
Briggs S. Cunningham
Richard Davenport
Charles H. Dietrich, Jr.
Francis J. “Frank” Dominianni
Mark Donohue
Robert Drake
Rene Dreyfus
Charles Earwood
Christopher Economaki
Ernest C. Erickson
Mike Eyerly
Juan Manuel Fangio
Robert Fergus
John C. Fitch
James Fitzgerald
G. William Fleming
Brian Fuerstenau
Charles Gibson
Paul R. “Richie” Ginther
Masten Gregory
Robert Grossman
Paul Hacker
E. Lee Hall
Howard A. Hanna
Walt Hansgen
Charles Hassan
Joseph A. Hauser
Graham Hill
Philip T. Hill, Jr.
Alvah R. Holbert
Robert M Holbert
William N. Holbrook
J. Edward Hugus
Jim Jeffords
Bruce Jennings
Bob Johnson
Sherwood Johnston
John L. Kelly
John A. Kilborn
James H. Kimberly
Peter Kuhn
Ed Leslie
Gordon C. “Tippy” Lipe
David Loring
Gerard C. (“Pete”) Lovely
C. Edward Lowther
Edmund Lunken
Jack McAfee
Bruce McLaren
Arch J. McNeill, Jr.
H. Talbott “Chip” Mead
John Van N. Meyer
Milton Minter
Wayne E. Moore
Charles Moran, Jr.
Lee Mueller
Thomas F. Nehl
Paul Newman
Bill Noble
Joe Pendergast
Andrew Porterfield
Emanuel Pupulidy
Charles Rainville
Peter Revson
H. Paul Richards
Art Riley
Andy Rosenberger
Bob Said
Vincent Sardi, Jr.
Bill Scott
Roy Scott
Carl Shafer
James R. “Hap” Sharp
Carroll H. Shelby
Bob Snodgrass
William C. Spear
Hal Stetson
Philip H. Stiles
Michael A. Stott
Martin Tanner
Paul Timmins
Edward J. Tobin
Warren Tope
James R. Trueman
Jerry Truitt
Lake Underwood
Dolph Vilardi
Charles Wallace
Phillip P. Walters
Rodger Ward
George B. Weaver
John Weitz
Dan Wheldon
Robert Wilder
Dr. M.R.J. Wyllie
Don Yenko